Privacy Policy

This is a labor of love — and curiosity, and interest, and introspection, and examination. Please do not reveal anything that you would not want everyone in the world to be able to discover with a simple web search.

This site uses a number of tools & technologies. The providers of those tools & technologies make certain assertions about the security and stability of their tools, and about their compliance with various laws in a variety of countries.

This site is kept relatively up-to-date. However, please do not rely on all tools and technologies being configured correctly at all times. In fact, please do not assume that this site will accomplish anything other than informing you about the thoughts & opinions & analyses & speculations of the site operator(s). If you’re expecting anything else, you’re in the wrong corner of the Internet.

In other words: I ain’t looking to steal anything from you, but I’m not guaranteeing that the Internet is a safe place, either. I am, however, guaranteeing that you will get exactly as much privacy & security as you pay for. And since this site does not sell privacy or security services or tools, well … if you haven’t figured out what I’m trying to say by now, you might consider browsing another corner of the Internet.

Go ahead. I’ll wait for you to close this tab…